You Can Go

You Can Go from Christine Turner on Vimeo.

Christine Turner, crafts a gripping short that pushes viewers from calm to extreme emotions very quickly. Without giving too much away, “You Can Go” really captures how heroic teachers and counselors can be. Great work.

Production Details & Descriptions

A film by Christine Turner

A high school administrator encounters a troubled student.

S. Epatha Merkerson
Charlie Tahan

Director & Producer | Christine Turner
Writer | Daniel Solé
Producers | Kyle Martin & Emily Alexander-Wilmeth
Editor | Joe Beshenkovsky
Music | Troy Herion
Sound Design | Mark Phillips

*World Premiere Tribeca Film Festival
*Winner, Jury Prize, PBS Online Film Festival
*Finalist, NBCUniversal Short Film Festival

“Is it fair to compare/contrast a 109 minute performance by Viola Davis against a 9 minute performance by S. Epatha Merkerson? Oh, yes . . . Davis and Merkerson share twin relevance in a fest [Tribeca] that keeps proving year after year that shorts can be just as original, jarring and substantive as feature films.”
— Kurt Brokow, The Independent