HOME | a short story from Andrew Hamilton on Vimeo.

Shoutout to Andrew Hamilton for this great, very creepy short he shot during lockdown. I usually stay away from horror, but I tried, enjoyed it, even if I was freaked out during the whole experience.

Production Descriptions and Details

Unable to escape, a young boy spends his days inside with something sinister.

Like everyone else we’ve been stuck at home. With projects in limbo, a lot of writing, and homeschooling galore we needed a little project that we could have some fun with together and it lead me to writing this and creating with my family. Really proud of the work my son Isaiah brought to the table. He understood that I wanted to speak to people who are at home with real monsters, someone in there home that hurts them and makes them feel scared, just like his character. He understood the gravity and really delivered.

We shot this on my 60D from almost a decade ago, with natural light, paper bounces, and a single three point set. Everything else was just a bit of movie magic and digital massaging! I’ve been watching a lot of older stuff on SHUDDER, so I decided to lean into the cheaper aesthetic of an 80s horror: grainy, milky, and colorful.

Thanks to the people that helped out remotely!

Keep creating guys, no matter what is at your disposal.

Also… This should go without saying, but A24 obviously has nothing to do with this film at all. Hahaha.