A powerful love story by Terrance Nance. We’re introduced to two young & smart africans living in Marseilles as we follow their love from start to end. Everything about this is just masterful, highly recommend the watch.

Production Descriptions and Details

Marseille, today. Aminata works as a hairdresser in an Afro hairdressing salon, Badara works as mechanic. When they meet, their love story will change their lives.

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A film by Terence Nance

Interpreted by Aminata M’Bathie, Naky Sy Savané, Badara N’Gom & Mama Faso

Music : Akua Naru, Dany Levital
Photography director : Shawn Peters
Sound : Baptiste Geffroy
Sets : Alexandre Marcault
Editing : Théo Lichtenberger
Mix : Joel Hernandez
Production : Floréal Films – Avi Amar & Damned Films – Yohann Cornu

Festivals & Distribution : Anaïs Colpin / Manifest / anais@manifest.pictures