A Balcony In Brooklyn

I really love this short, black comedy shorts are pretty rare. I love a good sombre film, but sometimes I just want to laugh. A Balcony in Brooklyn delivers, with a touch of social commentary.

Production Descriptions & Details

In the morning of his new lease, a disoriented Nick wakes up in the midst of a house party at the height of the pandemic in NYC. He crosses paths with a cast of characters in search of his new roommate, Glad.

A Balcony in Brooklyn

Written by:
Dennis Williams II

Directed by:
Dennis Williams II
Gladimir Gelin

A CampSight Studios production.

Nick Creegan
Ade Chike Torbert
Nore Davis
Kara Young
Juan Wood II
Nicolette Ellis
Jessica Clayton

Writer: Dennis Williams II
Co-Directed by: Dennis Williams II & Gladimir Gelin

Director of Photography: Parker Foster
Exec Producer: Dennis Williams II
Exec Producer: Jesse S. Martin
Producer: Jared Adkins

Associate Producer: Jamal Pedro
Associate Producer: Choyce Miller
Grip and Gaffer: Brandon Lee
Sound Recordist: Ana Fernandez
Sound Design: Vinny Alfano
Editor: Gladimir Gelin
Colorist: Patrick Badescu
Music CC: LR
“Three Stacks”
“Way Up”