Blood Rider

This captivating short film by Jon Kasbe, follows life of Blood Riders; Fast paced emergency blood delivery men, delivering blood all around Lagos, Nigeria, in the midst of a shortage.

Production Description and Details

Amidst a blood shortage crisis and standstill traffic most hours of the day in Nigeria, it can take over 24 hours to transport blood to patients in critical need. Joseph, one of the city’s motorcycle “blood riders,” can deliver blood to hospitals in under an hour. For mothers in labor, this is often the difference between life and death.

Director: Jon Kasbe
Producers: Kristen Lewis, April Hayes, Jon Campbell
DP: Jon Kasbe, David Bolen
Editors: Jim Hession, Jon Kasbe, Federico Conforti
Music: Nathan Halpern, Chris Ruggiero
Executive Producer: Michael Tabtabai
Supervising Editor: David Teague
Additional Editor: Bia Jurema
Assistant Editors: Davide Fiore, Benjamin Garst
Post Producer: Christo Arsenio
Production Manager: Ben Elekwachi
Sound Design: Paul Hsu
Colorist: Seth Ricart / RCO

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