A Beach of Our Own

In this short for New York Times, filmmaker Joshua Kissi explores a Beachfront Haven created for African American Families In the 1930s. The environment gave black people an opportunity to learn and enjoy water activities in an era when most were barred from it.

Production Description and Details

A Beachfront Haven for African American Families In the 1930s, bought plots for themselves in Sag Harbor, establishing a close-knit community that’s spanned multiple generations.

Director – Joshua Kissi
Director of Photography / Editor – Cameron Robert
Assistant Director – Tyler Scott
Camera Operator – Kevin “G.K.” Frederick
Production Sound / Sound Mix – Jose Villaman, STEMS Group
Local P.A. – Tom Van Scoyoc
Colorist : Alex Jimenez
Assistant Editor – Ed Francis
Agent, WiB – Vanessa Bermudez
Production Coordinator – Cameron Cuchulainn
Agency – WiB
Production Company – Underhill Productions LLC