Selling Soul

Selling Soul cleverly addresses how harmful products have been promoted to black people throughout history. Either directly via marketing like high-cholesterol foods, or indirectly like drugs.

Production Details & Description

Menthol cigarettes have been specifically marketed particularly to brown and black communities by tobacco companies and for some are more accessible than fresh food. However, the same companies have sponsored and supported powerful black organizations and movements.

In “Selling Soul” we seek to explore this complicated dynamic by exaggerating the reality of food, alcohol, and tobacco ads of the 60s/70s – some of the first ads to portray black people as synonymous with “cool” but not unlike today

As a Black person in America, I’ve seen many family members and peers fall victim to unhealthy lifestyles often stemming from the legacy of slavery and racism that extends
to advertising even today.

This piece serves as an anti-advertisement – An honest and blunt expression of my experience as a Director and to reflect the stark historical reality of black communities are presented, treated, and affected by the media.

It’s important to always challenge, question, and push

The boundaries of what we understand about the world around us. This film serves as a way for us to reframe our understanding of what we believe to be true.