Damage Control

Rage needs an outlet, and when left unchecked it can burst out of control. A group of friends try to manage the rage, the rage of injustice, but will it be enough?

Production Description and Details

A brutal assault is revealed to be something much more important.
As a group of friends show us what it truly means to live on this side of the fence.

The 5-minute action comedy lays bare a fraction of the daily struggles, obstacles and systemic stereotypes imposed on Afro Caribbean cultures.

Centred on real life experience, Abdou Cisse gives viewers insight into grappling with identity and growing up in systematically hostile environments. Offering an alternative point of view to promote understanding that racism is not a problem to be solved by black people.

Posing a simple question: When will enough be enough?

Writer & Director – Abdou Cissé
Producer – George Telfer
DOP – Olan Collardy
Editor – Mdhamiri Á Nkemi

Exec Producers – Abdou Cissé, Ben Schneider & Emily Rudge
Production Company: RadicalMedia

1st Assistant Director – Akay Delano

Production Designer – Hazel Singzon
Art Director – Andre Anderson
Art Dept Assistant – Jonty Freeman
Music – The Code

1st Assistant Camera – Oliver Bingham
2nd Assistant Camera – Viola Wyszanska
Steadicam Op – Gary Kent
DIT – Jordan Kennedy

Sound Recordist – Marco Baldassarre

Production Coordinator – Ester Viana
Production Assistant – Mantenso Kotomoh

Gaffer – Sam Baker
Spark – Joe Smith

Photography – Birame Cissé, Tako Cissé

Casting Director – Nico (Koder) Jouvel at Undeniable Films
Casting Director – Coralie Rose at Road Casting

Colourist – James Bamford
Sound Designer – Steve Brooks
VFX – George Roper at Grizzlee & Zee at Zeefx

Online House – The Mill
Online & Colour Producer – Teddie Hanifan
Sound Studio – Vaudeville Studios

Special Thanks to Scrapyard Club –
Joel Cahen


Anthony J Abraham
Julian Wisdom
Kye Maroon
Sam C Wilson
Nathan Hubble