How I Lost My Appetite

This subtle short by director Robert B. Matuluko starts with a relationship of two people, but as the story develops there is a sinister secret that drives the motives.

Production Details & Descriptions

A young man and woman end up in an uncomfortable situation when he uncovers a dark secret of hers.

Written & Directed by: Robert B. Matuluko

Produced by: Lenny Parsons, Yinwen Mu
Executive Producer: Robert B. Matuluko

Starring: Nicole Mitchell, Wayne Wilson, Bamiki Keita, Leslie Finnie

Director Of Photography: Kerron Edwards
Camera Operator: Omar Acevedo
1st Ac: Katy Shetler

Production Designer: Robert B. Matuluko
Art Director: Imani Celestin
Wardrobe Stylist: Deborah Olaofe

First Assistant Director: Wen-chun Cheng

Production Manager: Christophe Charre
Line Producer: Olivia Battles-reap

Composer & Sound Designer: Zubin Isaac
Post-production Sound Mixer: Dom Miaio

Colorist: Miguel Alvarez
Editor: Robert B. Matuluko