Peace and Love Barbershop

In this very short piece by India Sleem, we get a lovely “fly on the wall” vignette of Mohammed Siddiq Abdullah Ali and his well known barbershop “Peace and Love Barbershop” in Manchester, England.

Production Details & Description

Located on Princess Parkway in Moss Side, Manchester is Peace and Love Barbershop. One of the most iconic places in the area, Mohammed Siddiq Abdullah Ali, the Jamaican-born barber and photographer runs his shop with much pride. He started barbering at aged 18 and has continued in that profession for 53 years. His barbershop is very traditional and he has stuck to his old ways; he says, “I’m a barber, not a designer.” Besides being an expert in barbering, Mohammed is also extremely passionate in photography. Peace and Love is not just a barbers, it is a photography studio which is showcased very evidently in the shop. There is little wall space due to the amount of pictures displayed. Mohammed said, “I go to bed with my camera in case I have a beautiful dream, and when I wake up, I can capture it.”