Project Susan

Directed by Issaq Ahmed

Filmmaker, Issaq Ahmed, celebrates his neighbourhood by featuring four current and former inhabitants telling stories of what “Susan” means to them.

Production Details & Description

Four individuals hailing from the Lawrence/Susan Toronto Community Housing apartment building in Scarborough, highlight some of their experiences living in a low-income neighbourhood, and how it shaped their lives in their current day-to-day activities.

Produced & Directed by: Issaq Ahmed
Co-Producers: Brandon Isaac & Jordan ‘STiXX’ Hayles
Editor: Jordan ‘STiXX’ Hayles
Camera Operators: Brandon Isaac, Isiah Blake
Equipment By: Vistek
Additional Equipment and Assistance: Jeremy Nelson, Nicky Young

Music By: Tamari Russell
Audio Mixing: Ryan Wibowo
Colourist: Shameeka McLean
VFX: Kevin Briones
Archival Footage Provided By: Michelle & Jordan Hayles

Paul Pablo Gonzalez Sr.
Bran Donn
Timaj Garad
Kotiande Yomo


Residents of 3847 Lawrence Avenue East
Gonzalez Family
McFarlane Family
Yomo Family
Neima Ahmed
Gavin Ottley
Jasmine Burke-Ishmael

Creatives of Toronto, Nicky Young (@creativesoftoronto)

Just Van Der Wolf

David Morales, Toronto Community Housing Corp.
Amir Akbari, East Scarborough Boys and Girls Club
RISE Edutainment
Solaso Shop
Art Square Cafe & Creperie
Artscape YoungplaceSidewalk Labs

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