9 Podcasts That Will Make You A Better Filmmaker

When Adam Curry and Dave Winer first invented the podcast in 2004, it wasn’t an immediate hit. Fast forward 17 years, and there are now over 850,000 active podcasts, 30 million episodes, and more than half the population over 12 listens in. Podcasts have seen an explosive resurgence in the past five years, and it’s easy to understand why.
Podcasts offer something for everyone with a broad spectrum of options. Whether you are looking for true crime stories, educational episodes or something that will make you laugh – you can find the perfect podcast to fit your taste and needs.

We now see podcasts with bigger budgets, more prominent names, and overall more substance. Many podcasts in the film niche are perfect for the emerging filmmaker, sharing stories and adding an entertaining twist to film education. We’ve compiled some of the best film-related podcasts, which by listening, you’ll undoubtedly improve as a filmmaker.

Black Film Space

Hosts: Various
Black Film Space is a non-profit organization committed to building a community of filmmakers of African Descent through skill-enhancing and networking events. Their podcast is an extension of this mission that shares the nuances of film production. On The Black Film Space podcast, you’ll hear the world’s top Black TV and film industry professionals provide insight into the many different facets of film production.

Platform: Apple | Spotify | Youtube

The Micheaux Mission

Hosts: Len Webb and Vincent Williams
Len Webb and Vincent Williams are two black men on a mission – The Micheaux Mission. The pair watch as many black movies as they can and review them on their podcast. Len and Vincent bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, making each episode educational and entertaining. Len Webb is a dedicated radio producer, and Vincent Williams is a pop culture fan and scholar, and together they create captivating episodes interjected with humour and helpful film notes.

Platform: Apple | Spotify | Stitcher

The Spectrum Lounge

Host: ReBecca Theodore-Vachon
Celebrated film writer ReBecca Theodore-Vachon hosts The Spectrum Lounge, where she speaks with creatives of colour who play a pivotal role in changing film, TV, and pop culture. ReBecca and her guests discuss various topics like industry analysis, film reviews, and Hollywood’s ins and outs. Using her experience, education, and expansive knowledge of the film industry, ReBecca asks thought-provoking questions that enlighten listeners.

Platform:  Apple | Spotify | Soundcloud

Black Men Can’t Jump In Hollywood

Hosts: Jonathan Braylock, Jerah Milligan, and James III
Black Men Can’t Jump In Hollywood is the perfect podcast for those who want to laugh while they learn. You’ll hear comedians Jonathan Braylock, Jerah Milligan, and James III hilariously muse over films with leading black actors, analyzing them in the context of Hollywood’s diversity issues and race. The chemistry of this trio is infectious, offering continuous clever insight through a melody of jokes and laughter.

Platform: Spotify | Apple

No Film School

Hosts: Various
There is a good chance you have already heard of No Film School. The podcast is an established source for emerging and seasoned filmmakers looking to better their craft with tens of thousands of followers on social media. Their website is an excellent resource with comprehensive guides and an abundance of articles. The complimentary podcast works much the same way with episodes featuring various hosts talking with filmmakers about their experiences as well as film-related tutorials and masterclasses.

Platform: Apple | Spotify

The Black List Podcast

Host: Franklin Leonard
Franklin Leonard, the man behind The Black List, uses his established status in Hollywood to chat with impressive names in film like Spike Lee, Chris Columbus, and Charlie Kaufman. Initially, the podcast consisted of table reads of known scripts but has since evolved. Franklin’s latest podcast on Luminaries has a more traditional interview-style aiming to both enlighten and entertain listeners.

Platform: Luminary

Let’s Shoot!

Host: Pete Chatmon
As a working director himself, Pete Chatmon uses Let’s Shoot as a platform to connect with directors, actors, executive producers, showrunners and other established Hollywood roles. One of the most extraordinary features of this podcast is a result of Pete’s experience. Using his experience as a director, Pete gives a more shorthand and technical approach, engaging in in-depth conversations with guests so you get a better peek into how the film business works.

Platform: Apple  | Spotify | Youtube

The Beat Sheet

Host: Aquillia Mikel
To broaden your understanding of the film industry, Beat Sheet gives you a different perspective than most other film podcasts. Host Anquillia Mikel exclusively interviews black woman writers, providing a very niche point of view. Through these interviews, you get to know all the excellent black women writers and keep tabs on their careers. Aquillia is currently working on her MFA, which adds a unique element to her podcast. She approaches each interview as a person taking notes and learning, which sparks great questions and discussions.

Platform: Apple | Spotify | Soundcloud | Stitcher

Post In Black

Host: David Hunter Jr
The title of this podcast gives you a sample of the ingenuity you’ll find in this podcast. A clever play on words, Post in Black features black film professionals specifically in post-production. It’s a unique spin since podcasts often celebrate the people in front of or controlling the camera. You can expect to hear voices from established and award-winning editors, composers, audio engineers, VFX artists, and more. This perspective is refreshing, and David does a superb job of captivating listening and drawing wisdom from his guests.

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