Misery Loves Company

Directed By Emmanuel Burton

In this short by Emmanuel Burton, we follow a young man running from his own demons as he tries to fill his day with as many social distractions as he can.

Production Details and Descriptions

A floating portrait of a lonesome young man trying to keep dark voices out of his head by staying on the move. This experimental short hangs on its vibrant visuals and oddly compelling lead character. Director Emmanuel Burton has an eye for tactile interactions between his subject and the surrounding flora and fauna — he sits among the plants, eats wild berries, holds a snake, aggressively pets a dog in the park (weirding out the dog’s owner). The tangibles play against the film’s absences, most notably with his friends, with whom he speaks on the phone but has a hard time meeting up with. Thus, we’re not following a story so much as entering into the head of a increasingly isolated and potentially disturbed young man. The heavily saturated images and jumpy rhythms may unsettle but they leave a distinct impression. (16 minutes). Written and directed by Emmanuel Burton. Starring Josh Mendez. D.P. / Editor: Emmanuel Burton. Score by Myshiuno.