Directed by Efe Kabba  

In this clever short, filmmaker Efe Kabba, captures the sometimes blind optimism of to-do lists. Our main character recites a list of todos that can seemingly make her life better, but the dream only exacerbates her anxiety.

Production Details & Description

A young woman, anxious about life, imagines what her life could be like if she completed everything on her infinite to-do list. She’s the ideal version of herself, until her imagination takes a dark turn.

Written and Directed by Efe (

Starring Lorelei Ramirez (

Director of Photography: Jovon Outlaw (
Assistant Camera: Chloe Locarro (

Original Music, Sound Design, and Mix: Alyssa Wheelock

Assistant Director: Paul Ann Rose
Location Sound: Jonathan Cheng

Production Designer: Angelina Margolis
Art Assistants: Charlotte Pradie and Sarah Hartshorne

Editor, Costume Designer, and Art Director: Efe