Make it Soul

Directed By Jean-Charles Mbotti Malolo

The animated short, spotlights a concert in winter 1965 with James Brown and Solomon Burke. The short is cleverly written and the animation is dynamic and colorful. The short starts with the two mega stars bickering their differences but they both come to realize how powerful their music is.

Production Details & Description

Chicago, winter 1965.
The Regal Theater hosts James Brow and Solomon Burke, two monuments of Soul music.
Backstage, everyone’s under pressure.
But in 1960s America, both men know their music has unexpected powers.

Production company: KAZAK PRODUCTIONS
Producer: Amaury Ovise
Associate producer: Jean-Christophe Reymond
Co-productions: Folimage, Arte France

Directed by: Jean-Charles Mbotti Malolo
Graphic designer: Simon Roussin
Screenwriters: Nicolas Pleskof, Amaury Ovise, Jean-Charles Mbotti Malolo

Voices: Lee Fields, Avant Strangel, China Moses, Akil Wingate

Animation: Susanne Seidel, Eva Lusbaronian, Valentin Stoll

Sound editor: Mathieu Tiger
sound mixer: Samuel Aïchoun

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