Other Black Boys

Directed By Nyles Washington

The short, Other Black Boys, explores queerness in a hyper masculine environment, while also touching on abuse. A story of an unhinged male beating a woman is something we’ve heard, but there is another layer added when a man preys on another man. A solid drama with peaks of intensity.

Production Details & Description

A queer, black college student is forced to confront the masks he wears from day to day when an old friend comes to visit.

Director – Nyles Washington
Cast – Isaiah Rusk, Nyles Washington, Elias Weinberg, William Kachi, Brandon Pegram
Producer – Mackenzie McMahon
Director of Photography – Zach Morrison
Editor – Dionisio Traverso
2nd Unit Director – Rama Tchuente
Co-Producers – Nyles Washington, Rama Tchuente, Elias Weinberg, Alexis Roberts

Produced in Austin, TX with the support of the local film community we love.