Directed By Faramarz Gosheh.   

We’re gifted with a thrilling doc by director Faramarz Gosheh. The doc is about Hamza, a black swedish boxer, who takes us through his history and how he got to were he is. We get to peek into his life through visually striking imagery and I love how the piece crescendo’s at the end.

Production Details & Description

In this visually driven short documentary we follow professional boxer Hamza Barka from 2017-2020 hearing him reflect about his past: not engaging in crime, the absence of role models, and other circumstances that have shaped and placed him on his current path in life.

Words by Hamza Barka

Director / DOP / Editor: Faramarz Gosheh
Production Company: Noor Studios
Sound Design: Marcus Klang
Additional Footage: Mannaminnet

Official Selection Brooklyn Film Festival 2021