The Hidden Life of Rosa Parks

Directed By Joash Berkeley.  

Rosa Parks refusing to leave her seat was a powerful moment in history, so powerful that we know her for just that, but her life was filled with history changing actions in the name of civil rights. Director Joash Berkeley and the fine folks at Eido put this short animated doc that profile this powerful woman.

Production Details & Credits

Throughout her life, Rosa Parks repeatedly challenged racial violence and the prejudiced systems protecting its perpetrators. But this work came at an enormous risk – and a personal price.

Full project –


Creative Director – Joash Berkeley
Art Director – Harol Bustos
Designers – Harol Bustos, Rommel Ruiz, Felipe Vargas, Federico Epis, Joash Berkeley.
Animators – Chris Saez, Seongjin Yoon, Reece Parker, Manuel Neto, José Manuel Peña, Felipe Vargas, Joash Berkeley.
Music & Sound – John Poon
Additional music – Alphonso Horne, Josh Cole, Todd Pentney, Daniel Kluger.

Educator Riche Richardson
Director Joash Berkeley
Narrator Christina Greer
Director of Production Gerta Xhelo
Editorial Producer Alex Rosenthal
Producer Bethany Cutmore-Scott
Associate Editorial Producer Dan Kwartler
Script Editor Iseult Gillespie
Fact-checker Joseph Isaac