Where The Water Runs

Directed By DuBois Ashong.    

This short film is set in a not to do distant future where Los Angeles is under an extreme water shortage. We’re introduced to Nasir Jones, a young black man who works for a company that only delivers water to the most wealthy. As man of lower means himself, he battles his inner conflict in working for a slimy company to support his sister as his community suffers with the low water supply.

Production Details & Credits

Set during the worst drought in U.S history, Nasir Jones enjoys a career as a water transporter for the local government water facility in Los Angeles, a government funded organization that blatantly protects the financial interests of the wealthy and resourceful. Handpicked to run the companies water controls, Nasir goes deeper into life as a company man while witnessing water deprivation in the south central area intensify — But living closely with the intensely committed members of an eco-lutionary group known as Aya, including his very own sister, Nasir finds himself torn between the two worlds and is soon awakened to the moral contradictions of his community and personal life.