A Boy and a Bearing

Directed By Philemon Makini.    

This compact short explores the battles between parents wanting their children to be successful and their children wanting to be artistic. Our young hero is mandated to focus on his schooling by his mother, but all he wants to do his explore and experience. Both are coming from a good place, but the two motives always conflicts.

Production Details & Credits

Coming from a poor family, A boy dreams of exploring but has to deal with his mother, a strong believer in education. His favorite toy is a bearing, that he uses as a lens to see the world and find himself.

Directed by: Phil Makini & Eric Mwangi
Written by: Phil Makini
Starring: Mutua Matheka
With: Geoffery Wambongo, Esther Ogaro
V.O Recordist: Ivan Odie