Directed By Jace Wallace.    

In this strange but allegorical short, director Jace Wallace introduces us to Oliver, a young black boy who happened to grow antlers on his head. We get a glimpse of his life as an outcast and the experience of what it’s like to be hurting but no one can help.

Production Details & Description

Struck suddenly with the development of antlers, Oliver is thrust into a world that wants him dead and family that can’t help him.

writer/director. Jace
production co. nbdy pictures
starring. Baby Ebony // Alexis Garrett // Jasmine Mathews
executive producer(s). James “Taz” Conley // Elgin Swift
producer(s). Gem Little // Danicia Malone for Rokh
1st assistant director. Yorel “Santana” Chavis
director of photography. Austin Sarver // Adam Nelson
music. Alaskan Tapes
sound. Jeremiah Nickerson
wardrobe. Lauren Seymour
set designer. America Carillo
gaffer. Stefon Whitaker

special thanks to.
Michael Whitlock
Mattie Sullivan
Kate Doherty
Ray Embry