The Elephant Gown

Directed By Raheim Robinson.

The Elephant Gown is half narrative, half experimental and explores the perceived threat of young black boys. The literal elephant in the room, warns our young hero of the perils of being in the world.

Production Details & Description

Trauma is his reality.

A young boy from Harlem is faced with the traumas that come with being black in America from his eleven-year-old perspective. The figure in the elephant gown (the elephant in the room) taunts him to show that he is unsafe once he leaves his Nana’s house which represents life outside of the home for all BIPOC children growing up in The United States of America.

Writer & Director: Raheim Robinson
Director of Photography: Philemon Makini
Starring: Terrance “TJ” Broughton
With: Beatrice Webb, Sean Rule

Assistant Director: Atongular Monique
Production Design: Genesis Morales
1st AC: Marcos Suarez
2nd AC: Stephanie Garcia
Script Consultant: Jonniece Howard