Beetle In The Box

Directed By Yemi Alade.      

Beetle In The Box is an astute dramatization of the effects of depression. Through internal monologue via poetry, we get a mental glimpse of our character’s despair. Director Yemi Alade, tapped into her own personal experiences to get this very accurate portrayal. The analogy is apt.

Production Credits & Details

A self funded, deeply personal film made to explore mental health through movement and poetry.
Approximately 25% of people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year, and the director Yemi Alade found herself to be a part of that statistic during a turbulent, yet defining moment in her life.

Beetle in the Box is an ode to her experiences with mental health – an attempt of visually conveying sensations as a means to achieving Catharsis.

Written and Directed by Yemi Alade

Starring: Florian Lionel
Producer: Yemi Alade
Director of photography: Misha Omelchuk
Sound Design: David Gyamfi
Additional Sound Design: Lorenz Okello Osengor, Anjelo Disons
Art Direction: Yemi Alade, Maissane Zinai
Music: Epidemic Sound
Movement choreography: Juliette Mello
Set Designer: Maissane Zinai
VFX Makeup Artist: Yinuo
Poet: Tevin Vassell
Colourist: Misha Omelchuk
Editors: Misha Omelchuk, Maissaine Zinai, Yemi Alade

Special Thanks: Michealis Theatre, Dr Uche Aniagwu, Central Saint Martins University Film Studios, Jannat Hussain, Jerome, Gbolade Oludare, Dammy Murisho, Olajide Alade.