The House on Carter Road

Directed By Shawn Gerrard.    

This short film masterfully covers housing segregation in the 50s and 60s, where black families where systematically kept out of more well-to-do neighbourhoods. The narrative captures the frustration of a black couple, but leave us with a lovely pay off at the end.

Production Details & Credits

At the height of redlining in 1968, a black couple and a white couple try to buy the same suburban house in New Jersey.

Official Selections:
Toronto Black Film Festival
Pan African Film Festival
Montreal International Black Film Festival
Edmonton International Film Festival
BronzeLens Film Festival of Atlanta, Georgia
New Jersey International Film Festival
Black Harvest Film Festival – Gene Siskel Film Center, Chicago
International Black Film Festival of Nashville, Tennessee
Calgary Black Film Festival

Desmond Campbell
Kim Nelson
Steven Yaffee
Victoria Kucher
David Rosser
Bridget Ori
Ava Augustin
Christian Campbell

Written and Directed by: Shawn Gerrard
Produced by: Shawn Gerrard & Francine Dibacco
Director of Photography: Andrea Cuda
Music by: Sebastian Shinwell
Production Designer: Lindsay Rheault
Art Director: Dominique Arnold
Costume Designer: Crystal Basaez
Casting by: Jesse Griffiths Casting

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